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The CATAMI Classification Scheme

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The CATAMI Classification

You're probably here for details on the CATAMI classification scheme. Download these three documents and you're good to go.

The Visual Guide

All CATAMI codes with visual examples selected by expert marine ecologists from around Australia.

The CATAMI code file

The CATAMI CAAB codes in a spreadsheet (CSV) for you to use. You can use this to develop your own conversion tables.

The CATAMI Technical Document

The main document that describes the CATAMI Classification Scheme. All the detail on the creation and organisation of the CATAMI classification scheme.

The CATAMI Poster!

Our friends at the NERP Marine Biodiversity Hub have produced this helpful poster for the CATAMI Classification.
Download or order a print of the CATAMI Classification poster

Go get it!


In addition to the Classification scheme CATAMI is a web tool designed to help collate, display and analyse imagery collected for marine habitats. The tool source code and related components are available at your Github repository under a very liberal license. This tool was developed by a small team at Pawsey (then known as iVEC) and supported by Nectar.

The source of the source

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